Saturday, 3 May 2014

Ever thought of making your own simple android application, if yes then your in right place, without wasting much time lets start !!!

STEP 1)   Download Java and Eclipse

           If you computer dont have Java then Download the latest java ,now next what we need is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) , Eclipse is one among them , Download the latest Eclipse Version.
STEP 2)   Download Android SDk

         Next step is dowloading sdk , Download the latest sdk.Dont forget the path you saved it.

STEP 3)   Launch your first app :)

       Now we are almost set, now open the Sdk which you downloaded just now ,Extract the android sdk if its bundled,open it ,you can see two folder -Eclipse and SDK.
Click  on Eclipse
 Then double  click on Eclipse.exe, a path would be shown , click OK or else you can change path.Now your almost done , when you first open eclipse their will be welcome note , just cancel it.
See the fig Below

Now goto
File > New > Android Application , just enter Application name  , and just keep clicking  Next until Finish comes, when finish comes , click on it ,Now connect your mobile device to your Computer.
Now if you dont Have Android Device, no need to worry , their is virtual mobile device called Emulator in Eclipse , to start that click on AVD , which is in top right side, refer snap below

click on New, a new window will pop up like below

Fill the Required Details, For reference see the snap Below

Then  Press OK...

Now select the Virtual Device which you made just now and click on  Start

A new window will pop up, just click on launch

Now wait till Emulator is  Completely Loaded

Now your just one step left , Bring your pointer near your project name >Right Click >Run As>Android Application.


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